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Random Update Thingy - creepknight
Random Update Thingy
37 weeks since my last post. So much for maintaining this blog. Anyway.

- Music is coming along well. Did the full run of VARF (he says two months after the fact) and had an amazing time. Done a few gigs since, mostly as favors for folks: sitting in, playing a few songs, etc. Of note was the Scallywag's Ball, which was an absolute blast and. in my opinion, was the best show I've done so far, from debuting my first new song in oh so many months to dueting with Melinda on Wild Mountain Thyme. Very happy with the direction my music is taking.

- Other writing projects coming along at a snail's pace, mostly because dedicated work days get turned into "CK's home, which means he has nothing to do! I should make him do something!" I become more and more frustrated with one project in particular because I lack extreme confidence in work that must be approved by someone else. I can take criticism, but I hate it. When I write for myself, it's different. But this project has resided in limbo far too long and must be finished. If it sucks, I know my good buddy Grymm will help it do so less. Jesus Christ, do I hetero-love that man.

- I'm still at Blockbuster and hate it every waking minute. I used to be a social person. I used to enjoy the company of strangers. Now I look at people and wish their eyes would explode while their stomachs liquefied simultaneously. And these are just the people who say "excuse me" when they bump into me. Imagine how I feel about the rest of the world. Fucking people.

- The job hunt yields no results. There's nothing out there I want to do anymore, except write and play music. Damn I wish I had the deadened palate to live of Ramen and Mac and Cheese.

- Need to buy a new car, as the Taurus continues to prove that Ford is the devil, and not the cool devil of old but the evil devil who puts wads of lard in the bottom of Doritios bags and has the parking meter refuse your quarters. First the cooling system, the oil pan, and the fan belt. Then the driver's side door and a whiny sound in the engine. This is all in the last year. I could have bought a new car for what we paid to fix Freda.

- Have given up on clubs, prefer bars. Given up on concerts, prefer music halls and festivals. Given up on the cold. Heat makes me uncomfortable, but cold actually hurts me.

- I officially watch too much Food Network. Small talk has gone from "How's the weather?" to "Do you know where I can get Saffron in Richmond? Cause I really want to make some more... stuff... that needs Saffron."

For now, that's all. See you all in another 37 weeks!

Current Music: Great Big Sea: Straight to Hell

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thebleakesthour From: thebleakesthour Date: August 14th, 2008 08:01 pm (UTC) (Link)
...or a few days.
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